The Perfect Bowl for Chocolate Mousse

I never thought a bowl could make me so happy.   I read this article about the signature chocolate mousse made by Caite Whitbeck in a restaurant called Buvette in New York’s Greenwich Village.   The recipe called for only five ingredients and a copper bowl.  The article describes the mousse as very light but with enough structure to be served on a plate, scooped out in a pillowy mound.  This recipe could probably be made using a mixer but there is reverence in the way Caite Whitbeck creates this dessert everyday,  in the same way I imagine French housewives have been making it, in copper bowls handed down over generations.

I mentally clipped this recipe and filed it away until the day when I would own a set of copper bowls, probably after the kids were in college.   About a week later, while out running errands, I found a copper bowl in the clearance section of Bed Bath & Beyond.  It had a scratch on the bottom and a small dent on the side, but other than that, it was perfect.  I couldn’t wait to see if the legend was true.  I came home and whipped up cream, I am not exaggerating, in four minutes.  It was so satisfying and exciting to see the cream go from thin ripples to actual whipped cream.  I swear that I could have made butter if I had whipped for another four minutes.  With that success under my belt I was ready to go for broke.  My Valentine’s Day menu would end with the Buvette chocolate mousse.  I bought Valrhona chocolate, Plugra butter and the freshest eggs I could find.  I whipped up egg whites in five minutes.  I then beat the egg yolks to a pale yellow in less than three minutes.  The whole recipe came together in about twenty minutes.  It was rich and dense in flavor but the texture was light and airy.  My family devoured it.  One reviewer had this to say: ”that was absolutely the best mousse I’ve ever had.  When I’m eating mousse, no matter how elegantly prepared, I’m secretly a little guilty as my mind goes to chocolate pudding.  This one had a bolder texture, morphologically a step beyond pudding, approaching creamy cake with a bold, dark chocolate flavor.”

Had you told me a month ago that I would absolutely not be able to live without a copper bowl I would have told you that you were nuts.  But I will tell you today, I absolutely can not live without my copper bowl.  -Andra

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