Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day at our house is always an eat-in occasion.  Not only because we have two small children, but because next to Mother’s Day, it’s the most dined-out occasion in the country and we don’t like to be out when everyone else is.  For several wonderful years, when we had grocery stores all around us we had a tradition of doing lobsters, but since moving to Jersey the closest Wegman’s is 40 minutes away and I didn’t have that drive in me yesterday.  So, our menu was:

In case you can’t read my serial-killer handwriting, that says:  Prosciutto wrapped bocconcini with balsamic glaze, Roasted Chicken with Fingerling Potatoes and Buerre Blanc sauce and Chocolate Mousse.

The bocconcini was supposed to be figs, but I couldn’t find them at the three different stores I went looking for them so I had to audible at the last minute to the bocconcini.  It was good, but the figs would have been great.  I reduced balsamic vinegar until it was syrupy and dribbled that on the plate.

The chicken was a basic roast chicken that I do about once a week, but the addition of the buerre blanc, just an emulsion of white wine and lots of butter (which I should do once a week), made it Valentine’s Day worthy.  Steve said he wants to eat buerre blanc on his waffles.  It is so freaking good.

The chocolate mousse was a standard recipe, although one with only egg whites.  Melted chocolate folded into the freshly whipped cream and then the whipped egg whites folded in.  I used a 60% chocolate and it was great.  I used the standing mixer to beat both the cream and egg whites, but that’s only because I don’t have a copper bowl like Andra does.  I wish I had a copper bowl.

– Catherine

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