No Dirty Dishes Quiche


At least once a month, we eat quiche.  Quiche is the easiest, least-amount-of-dirty-dishes-created meal I know of.  I have a standard protein/vegetable/cheese formula I use.  Steve’s favorite is bacon/fresh spinach/cheddar.  I love smoked ham/frozen spinach/swiss (or Gruyere if I have it) when it’s cold outside.  During the summer, we make asparagus and goat cheese quiches, which are so delicious at room temperature.

Last night, I had leftover crumbled Italian sausage from our pizza the night before, so that was my protein and I had a good white cheddar open and I always have fresh spinach.

I’ve made my own pie crusts, but I always have some of those roll-out on hand for when I’m not in the mood for pie crust.  I know I should always make pie crust, but there are nights when there’s just not enough time or empty space in the dishwasher to face getting the food processor dirty.  I should probably hand wash my food processor, or even use a pastry cutter, but this is my go-to, easy, room-in-the-dishwasher meal, remember?  Andra makes her own pie crusts, but Andra enjoys doing dishes more than I do.

I’ve tried several quiche recipes, but now only use a variation on Madame Quiche’s Quiche au Fromage from epicurious.  I use less milk than she calls for, sometimes half depending on how much spinach, cheese and ham (or whatever) I have to fill the quiche.  I don’t pre-bake my crust, just roll it out and then layer my protein, spinach and cheese.  I mix the eggs, cream, milk, salt pepper in a tall glass measuring cup (dishwasher-safe of course) and then pour it over the filling and bake at 425 for about 40 minutes.

A quiche pan is essential for great quiche.  I used a pie dish for quiche for years, but the center would take so long to cook that the top and crust would get overly browned.  Then I bought the greatest, cheapest quiche pan at Ikea, which I believe is actually a tart pan.  It’s wide and shallow with slightly scalloped edges and the quiche cooks evenly and gets only slightly puffy in the center when it’s done.

I serve salad greens with a basic vinaigrette with quiche, so simple.  I have great oval plates that a piece of quiche and a pile of greens fits beautifully on, looks so elegant, and take up almost no room in the dishwasher.

– Catherine

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