Hey Shorty, It Was My Birthday

So I didn’t make dinner.  Not that it’s a rule you can’t make dinner on your birthday, but it was nice to take the night off.

Steve made a bacon, onion and Gruyere tart and asparagus with bacon and goat cheese.  I love carmelized onions and would eat them on everything, but Steve does not, so I rarely make them.  Steve went searching for recipes on epicurious and said the second he saw the onion in this tart, knew that it would be perfect.  It was.  Less eggy than a quiche, elegantly thin, just like me.  Well, maybe I am about as eggy as a quiche.

For dessert, there was a trio of offerings:  a slice of chocolate peanut butter cake and cannoli from Mastoris (a local Jersey diner) and a pink heart shaped donut from Dunkin Donuts.  Since moving to New Jersey, I’ve been going to Dunkin Donuts for coffee, which really is just as good as Starbucks at a fraction of the price.  But, the donuts haven’t grabbed me.  The people there usually give the girls free munchkins (donut holes if you’re unfamilar) but I just get coffee.  This year for Valentine’s Day, DD was pushing their heart shaped donuts pretty heavily in commercials and I joked that a heart shaped donut was the pinnacle of romance.   For all my irony, it wasn’t bad.  My daughter loved her piece of it.  Right before bed, which I don’t know if we’ll ever do again.  And, if you’re unfamiliar, New Jersey is famous for it’s diners.  There are more diners in New Jersey than in any other state (I know that to be true because I read it in a book review on Amazon) and most have fresh baked goods.  Mastoris is close to us and is always packed.  Both the cake and the cannoli were delicious.

You know you’re married to the perfect person when a cannoli is sitting between you and neither of you can get “Take the gun, leave the cannoli” out fast enough.  It was a draw.

– Catherine

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