Roasted Butternut Squash with Goat Cheese and Pine Nuts over Orecchiette

I had no dinner plan at 5:45 last night but I rallied with this recipe that’s in our regular rotation.  This is the easiest, most crowed-pleasing pasta dish when you have butternut squash on hand.  I diced the squash and roasted it with a diced onion, two whole cloves of garlic and then made pasta.  I tossed the vegetables with the hot pasta and about a half cup of pasta water and about six ounces of goat cheese and topped it with rosemary and toasted pine nuts.

This was done in about 30 minutes.  My husband came home to hot pasta, spinach salad and cold wine and didn’t see any of the chaos leading up to dinner.  It felt like the good old days at the Draper residence.

– Catherine


  1. In the olden days, we called the high octane grape juice drink an Ooby Dooby Do, Also called Purple Passion for obvious reasons. Don Draper would remember and easily sing along.

    Every thing looks delicious and pleasingly presented. Nice pot. Do you get your kitchen equipment from WS or D&Vs?



  1. […] It’s such an easy meal and probably my favorite way to use butternut squash, as you can see here.  Now we just have to find a way to eat all those […]

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