Scallops with Rappi and Bacon Over Polenta

This is a variation on a dish that we eat about once a month, “Polenta, Kale and Eggs”.  “Polenta, Kale and Eggs” is exactly what it sounds like:  a bed of polenta with wilted kale topped with a couple of eggs fried in olive oil.  It’s great, but for the sake of variety, which my husband has asked for more of (should that worry me?), I upgraded the eggs to scallops.  Good, but kale or Swiss chard would have been a better fit than the rappi because the rappi is so bitter and almost overwhelmed the scallops.

My husband and I used to eat a scallop dish at our favorite restaurant in Charleston, S.C., where we met and later married.  The scallops at McCrady’s came three-to-a-plate, which caused a dilemma for me.  I never wanted to seem ravenous or gluttonous, but I really wanted that last scallop.  So did he.  We always split it, which is really romantic and a sign of what a wonderful husband he would be.  When I think of the eight years since our dates at McCrady’s and our two beautiful children, I can’t help but think, would it have killed him to give me that last scallop?

– Catherine

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