Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

There are lots of “meals we eat once a….”, fill in week, month, decade.  “Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner” is that meal that we have faithfully eaten once a week for the last 10 years.  As dull as it sounds, I will tell you that without fail, every time we have it, Tim will look up at me and shake his head, almost incredulously and say, “You cooked this perfectly.”  To which I smugly shrug and say “thank you.”  As if I hovered over the oven as the chicken roasted, to ensure that it didn’t roast past the perfectly caramel stage to the overly brown toffee stage.  If I’m being really honest, this is what I make when I look at the clock and realize that it is 5:30 and pretty soon the boys will be wandering in like zombies ready to gnaw on anything that moves.  As much as Catherine hates the defrost setting on the microwave, I have no problem throwing in two pounds of chicken thighs, leg quarters, legs, whatever you have frozen, at the last minute.  In the time it takes to defrost 2-3 pounds of chicken, I can preheat my oven to 425, combine the juice of a lemon and about a quarter cup of olive oil.  When the chicken is defrosted, drizzle the lemon and olive oil over the chicken, sprinkle generously with kosher salt (GENEROUSLY), fresh ground pepper and about a teaspoon of oregano.  Cook it for exactly as long as it takes to have a cocktail, make couscous or quinoa, saute some kale, make a phone call.  It really doesn’t matter how long you cook it.  Because no matter how long you cook it, the skin gets deliciously crispy, the meat is moist, tender and falls off the bone and your husband looks at you with adoring eyes and says those words that never get old, “you cooked this perfectly”. -Andra


  1. […] we needed a dose of green.  I made a curried chicken salad with leftover chicken from our weekly winner-winner-chicken-dinner.  I rolled the salad into collard green leaves with julienned red peppers and basil.  I also made […]

  2. […] And the contrast between the fresh lemon in the vinaigrette and the roasted lemon with the potatoes makes this the NEW winner, winner chicken dinner. […]

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