That’s a Wrap!


Yesterday,  I had lunch at a great restaurant, Cafe Organic.  I was with my Crazy Cult from CrossFit so I had to eat something that kind of fit the Paleo Pyramid.  As much as the grilled chicken fingers on the kids’ meal called to me I decided on a wrap filled with tempeh, red pepper hummus, cucumber, zucchini, greek olives,  greens and some other healthy thing rolled neatly in a collard green leaf.  It sounds strange but it was so delicious.  I couldn’t wait to make these at home and I just so happen to have collard greens growing in my backyard.

A perfect segue for a gratuitous garden shot…


My wraps do not look as pretty as the ones Cafe Organic make but they were so delicious that my son ate three of them.  He only stopped when we ran out of bacon.  Did he love the bacon more than the collard greens?  Yes.  But, he did eat three huge leaves of collard greens, raw.  I call that a win-win.  The wraps were filled with roast chicken breast, bacon, tomato, avocado and fontina.  This was served alongside roasted red pepper soup, one of our favorites and so easy to make.  Catherine talks about that here where she serves it with BLATs as we used to do.  But the collard wrap may have just put the panini press out of commission for awhile.


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