Hostess CupCakes: Never Forget

Which came first, Motherʼs day or birthdays?  Because you canʼt have a birthday without a mother and you canʼt have Motherʼs day without a child.  It’s really an existential question, no?  Celebrating the two together seems prophetic when you have a son turning six and a mother who lives around the corner.  I donʼt mean prophetic in the “what a glorious gift to receive on motherʼs day” kind of way.  I mean it in more of a “killing two birds with one stone” kind of way.  Either way, the day ended with cake as all days, single-celebratory or multiple-celebratory, should.  I left the choice of cake flavors up to the six-year-old because I knew he would choose correctly:  chocolate on chocolate.  Someone had to be the adult so I decided to add a layer of marshmallow between the two layers of chocolate cake.  When it came together I called everyone in see the finished product and everyone BUT the six year old said, “It looks just like a Hostess CupCake!”  My six year old said, “Whatʼs a Hostess CupCake?”
Now I know what true motherʼs guilt feels like.  Did we force Hostess into bankruptcy?  Will my grandchildren never know a Twinkie?  I feel some responsibility to not stand by and watch an era disappear like dinosaurs and rotary-dial phones.  I, for one, will do my part to make sure that my children will be able to pass down the traditions of their past by keeping Hostess CupCakes around, whether from the glorious cellophane wrapper or my own kitchen.
The cake was a buttermilk chocolate cake with a seven-minute frosting layer between the layers of cake and then covered with a layer of chocolate ganache.  We have a lot more to say about ganache, but we just met, remember?
Any Seven-Minute Frosting recipe
Equal parts bittersweet chocolate and heavy whipping cream.  Heat the cream, add chopped chocolate and stir until mixture reaches desired consistency.
Enjoy, nostalgically.
-Andra & Catherine


  1. Danilo Scott says:

    60 Years ago I discovered Hostess’ wonderful cupcakes. Every day after middle school, on the way home in beautiful San Francisco, I would stop at the mom&pop store and for two buffalo nickles, or a mercury dime, I could get a pack of two cupcakes that fuel me through the hilly mile to my home.
    Thank you Hostess for the cupcakes and the memories.

  2. Oh my that cake looks adorable and I love the pterty china. Can you Blog the cake recipe or is it a Pink Possum secret? I love your new header too! That is very cute. xx

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