On Repeat

Our Swiss Chard situation got a little out of control this week (that’s it in the upper back right).  While we’re aware that Swiss Chard could be used in many other, delicious ways, there is just nothing like our stand-by, Polenta, Swiss Chard and Olive Oil Fried Eggs.  Yes, we did just eat this last week.  It’s that good.

The liquid you see pooled around the edge of the polenta is from the Swiss Chard.  I plated this a little sloppily, just grabbing the chard with tongs and throwing it on a bed of polenta without taking the time to squeeze out the excess water after sautéing it with olive oil, salt, pepper and lots of garlic.  I also took pictures a little hastily, after we started eating.  It’s that good.

You should make this before I tell you I’ve made it yet again.  Probably next week.  It’s that good.

– Catherine

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