It’s not Fifty Shades of Grey…

Ganache is one of my favorite things to have on hand.  It is so simple to make and has so many uses.  It’s the easiest cupcake icing, just dip the top of a cupcake in the ganache, done.   Heated, the ganache is delicious over ice-cream.  Let the ganache cool to a spreadable consistency to use like a more traditional frosting.  Or, let the the whole mixture cool in the fridge until it solidifies for a base for truffles.  Spoon them out into semi-spherical shapes and roll in cocoa, nuts, coconut, the options are endless.  Or,  skip the formalities of rolling them into balls and then again in additional toppings.  You could keep the whole jar for yourself.  This is my dirty secret.  No worse than “other people” I know that read pornographic trilogies.  (Catherine)

So you know how sometimes you make dinner and you accidentally make too much broccoli and so the next day you eat the broccoli for lunch?  Sometimes, when I’m making a cake and I make a ganache frosting, I might accidentally double the recipe.  The leftover ganache then goes into the fridge in a container like this:

It’s an old container and I just haven’t had the time to take that old label off.  It sits in the fridge until I have another need for ganache because it keeps for a long time.  I think it would keep for a long time but honestly, I haven’t had a jar in the fridge longer than a week so I can’t certify a shelf life longer than that.  I like to wait until the house is quiet and the container and I can be alone for just a moment, just a spoonful (or two).   I’m not opposed to sharing the jar of ganache accidentally labeled “Bacon Grease”.  It’s just that no one in the house has expressed interest in the contents of that jar.  Stop judging me, I know it’s shameful but it is no worse than Fifty Shades of Grey.           -Andra

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