Bucatini with Zucchini and Basil

This is quite possibly the simplest and most delicious way to use zucchini.  I started making this a couple of years ago, right after my husband gave me a mandolin.  The mandolin is essential, as I wouldn’t take the time to slice this much zucchini this thin without it.

This is just very thinly sliced zucchini sautéed with olive oil, garlic, crushed red pepper and about a half cup of pasta water.  I add hot pasta and parmesan to the zucchini and let it come together for a couple of minutes before tossing it with fresh basil and more shaved parmesan at the table.  It’s best with linguine, but last night I had bucatini, so that’s what I used.  The combination of the starchy zucchini cooking in the olive oil with the addition of the pasta water makes the sauce surprisingly thick.  It’s so easy, so fresh and so good.

If we could ever get ahead of the Swiss Chard situation, this would be our weekly staple instead of Polenta, Swiss Chard and Olive Oil Fried Eggs.  So glad we didn’t plant zucchini.

– Catherine


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