Choose Your Own Adventure Salad

Remember Choose Your Own Adventure books where you were able to select from different options for the protagonist of the story to take leading to about a dozen different endings?  Was I the only one who cheated and tried to work backward from the ideal ending to learn how to make good decisions?

Anyway, dinner was a lot like that for us last night.  I made a standard pantry dinner; I had to figure out what to make for dinner with what we had at home.  (In the alternate ending where the mother bravely loaded up the kids for a trip to the grocery store to make an amazing dinner, the ending is bleak; toddler meltdowns at self-checkout followed by too many gin and tonics at home.)

The story started with cannellini beans and good canned tuna.  My alternate ending choices were:  diced shallot or red onion, lemon vinaigrette or red wine vinaigrette, capers or diced fresh jalapeno, fresh basil or fresh cilantro, fresh diced cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes or even canned diced tomatoes.

I chose capers, red onion, red wine vinaigrette, fresh basil and fresh diced grape tomatoes.  It was a happy ending.

– Catherine

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