Cedar Grilled Asian Salmon with Quinoa Pilaf, Jersey Style

I made Andra’s Grilled Asian Salmon last night.  That may seem weird since she just made it, but we’d talked about it and she convinced me it was one of the best things she’d had in recent memory, so I had to taste it for myself.

What is sort of strange is when we make the same thing without talking about it, which happens all the time.

Me:  You made Bolognese last night?  That’s so funny, I made Bolognese!  Did you use pork, beef and veal?

Andra:  No, I used turkey.

Me:  That sounds good.  Did you serve it with linguine?

Andra:  No, polenta.  I used the standard Bolognese recipe, replacing the whole tomatoes with Rotel and the onion and garlic with jalapeno and cilantro, and I used tequila instead of wine.  But otherwise, I stuck to the recipe.  I bet they were pretty similar.

In this case, however, I used her recipe for the salmon without deviating and made my own mushroom quinoa pilaf with ginger, sesame oil, lime and cilantro.  Andra was right, the salmon was amazing.  Next time, though, I might replace the garlic with ginger, the soy with wine, and the olive oil with motor oil.  I’m sure it will be pretty similar.

– Catherine

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