Lemon Chicken

To call a recipe “Lemon Chicken” around here is like calling any pants made of denim “jeans”.  There are as many lemon chicken recipes as there are types of jeans:  dressed up, dressed down, easy and the kind that makes you smell like garlic the next day.  (Okay, so I don’t have jeans that make me smell like garlic, that would be weird.)

This chicken is cooked in a cast iron skillet (sprinkled only with kosher salt, pepper would burn) under the broiler until it’s almost cooked through.  When it looks golden, I take it out, cut the breasts in half, add the sauce and continue to cook until it’s golden brown and the internal temp is at least 160°.  The sauce is the juice of two lemons, an equal part olive oil, one or two garlic cloves, chopped, lots of thyme and oregano and salt and pepper.

Last night, I served it with the simplest roasted asparagus and torn pieces of store-bought Naan.  Not pictured is a small pitcher I filled with the garlicky, lemony pan juices that we poured over the chicken as we ate, using the bread to soak up the sauce.  Coincidentally, I was wearing my favorite jeans.

– Catherine

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