We had classic carbonara last night.  Back when I used to work in a cubicle and would e-mail back and forth with Andra, mostly about dinner, I always thought it was so ironic when spell check would offer “coronary” as the correct spelling for “carbonara”.  Maybe my work computer was trying to tell me something about the health pitfalls of eating too much carbonara.

One pound of spaghetti, half a package of bacon*, three eggs, one cup of parmesan and a half cup of pasta water and “Presto.”  (Is that Italian for “Voila”?)  Anyway, after making this a few times and scrambling the eggs, now I can make a silky carbonara that makes you forget all about your judgemental computer.

* Years ago, I would buy Pancetta for carbonara.  I also bought facial moisturizer at department stores.  And used hundred-dollar bills as kindling.  I could tell you that the decision to substitute bacon for pancetta was solely based on cost, but the truth is that bacon tastes better.

– Catherine


  1. This is my husband’s faiotvre pasta recipe, so we have it quite often. If we don’t have pancetta, we use regular bacon, (please don’t cringe.) this was the first dish that my husband made for me, when we first met, so Pasta Carbonara has a special place in my heart.

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