Avocado Toast and Egg Creams

Dinner tonight was a big salad with tuna, hardboiled eggs, baby greens, yada, yada, yada.  The main-event was the avocado toast that Adam Rapoport describes making for dinner guests in the July issue of Bon Appétit.  The avocado toast, not the ribeye, was the star of the show.  Same here tonight, except our ribeye was a big salad.  Make the avocado toast, right away.  It’s delicious.

But I digress, dinner tonight was merely the means to an end.  For dessert, I made egg creams, featured in The Takeaway segment of the August Bon Appétit.  I added a scoop of vanilla ice-cream which probably makes it something completely different. But, with or without ice-cream,  the key component of the egg cream is the seltzer water that adds the fizz.  I liken it to adding jazz hands to a square dance routine; it’s so unexpected but makes you smile.

These were a really fun summertime treat that we’ll enjoy well into December.  Although we didn’t have the mandatory counter stools we did have a soda jerk.  (I’m not going to point fingers but you know who you are.)



  1. Jenny made this avacado toast the other day and I was in heaven. So simple, but so delicious. I was definitely shocked!

    Great blog by the way, finally catching up on it and really enjoying the posts!

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