Friends Without Kids

We had friends without kids over for drinks on Sunday night.  While I love my kids, there are times when even I struggle to find them perfectly adorable (give me a break, they are four and two years old), so I didn’t want to subject our childless friends to an evening with Kathy Lee Gifford, talking incessantly about my kids and pointing out their cuteness.

My solution was to have our friends over for cocktails and appetizers and ask them to come over just a half hour shy of the girls bedtime.  That way, they got to experience just how adorable #1 and #2 are, but didn’t have to overdo it.

I made a pitcher of whiskey sours,

Rosemary Cashews,

Ham and Cheese in Puff Pastry,

and put out a couple of bowls of store-bought olives, an Herbs de Provence blend and one stuffed with blue cheese.

It was perfect, except for my oldest daughter whining that she only got snacks for dinner and saying that she wanted a “real dinner” and taking an extra half hour to get to bed.  Seriously, you’re killing me.

It was nice to have our coffee table re-live the days before kids.

But, even our coffee table only needs a little reminding from time to time.  It likes having kids too.

– Catherine


  1. Anonymous says:

    Great looking snacks. Breakfast too!

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