One Of These Meals Is Not For My Family

Want to really confuse a pizza deliveryman?  Answer the door with oven mitts on and pause long enough before paying him that the unmistakable smell of roast chicken and potatoes wafts out to the porch where he’s standing with, well, a pizza.

The roast chicken, potatoes and salad were for a family down the street.  The pizza was for us.  You see, my husband is a dying breed.  He’s a hard-bound encyclopedia set salesman and with the spread of the internet, sometimes he and his co-workers have to be gone for long stretches of time, looking for cities that haven’t been ruined by computers like the one you’re reading this on.  When another encyclopedia salesman is on the road, the rest of us band together, bringing meals and helping with watching each other’s kids as necessary.

So, for the brave fellow encyclopedia salesman’s family, dinner last night was:

What’s funny is my kids feel like they got the better of the two dinner options:

P.S. If you ever meet my husband, please don’t tell him about this blog.  He’d be crushed if he knew we owned a computer and discovered I wasn’t getting all of my information from our beautifully bound set of  encyclopedias in the living room.

– Catherine


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