Steak Salad

So much for detoxing.

Last night, I seared filets in a cast iron skillet and sliced them over a salad of spinach, tomatoes and avocado and made a basic red wine vinaigrette.  Because we were being so healthy and eating a salad, I topped each steak with a pat of herb butter I’d made earlier in the day while they rested.  And because the base of the salad was spinach after all, I added a couple more pats to the still warm steak on the salad to melt and mix with the vinaigrette and give this salad the highest caloric intake possible per bite.

For the herb butter, I mixed one stick of butter with one clove of garlic, fresh chives, thyme and basil and a little salt and pepper and rolled it into a parchment log, so I could slice it easily.

Funny how easy it is to make your kids eat their salad when it’s covered with steak and butter.  But they did eat every bite, which included the avocados, tomatoes and spinach so that balances everything out, right?

– Catherine

P.S. Don’t worry, I did have the “everything in moderation” talk with my girls.  Right after our dessert of deep fried candy bars.

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