The First Day of the Rest of My Life

My oldest daughter started preschool on Thursday and last night was the first soccer practice for the three and four-year old league she’s playing in.  Having both events on the same day made last night the first time I had to get dinner made in the (limited) space between afternoon preschool and soccer practice so that we’d be ready to eat when we got home at 7:00.  Followed by baths and eventually bedtime.

I made Ina Garten’s Mexican Chicken Soup, which I made and then put in a low oven to continue to cook until we came home.  I left the fresh jalapeños out of the recipe and my husband and I just added pickled jalapeños to the soup when it was done.

Having kids is one thing.  Coming out of the chrysalis of the toddler years is another.  Am I allowed to say that I’ll miss setting our own schedule?  Having really young kids offers so many reasons, let’s be honest, excuses to stay home, happily hanging out with only each other  that I’d forgotten it was all going to end with volunteer sign-up forms at preschool and snack rotation at soccer practice.  (Yes, I’m signed up for both, with less than one week under my belt.)

I know this is cosmic payback for all the shuttling, snack making and diligent attendance our parents ensured our extra curricular activities received when we were kids.  I just remember great food after all these events, but my mom was a little more together than I am.  I hope my kids won’t be scarred by lots and lots of pizza.

– Catherine

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