Pardon the Interruption

So sorry for the absence (that’s for you Mom and Dad, our most loyal readers), but I assure you our lack of posts doesn’t mean we haven’t been eating dinner.  It just means that getting ready for Christmas is completely overwhelming, forget paying attention to/raising my 4-year-old and 2-year-old and documenting what we eat.

To bring us up to speed, Andra and her family came for Thanksgiving, and while I wish we had taken pictures of every part of the visit, we chose to drink and talk to each other instead.  So the only pictures I have of the event are this picture of the turkey coming out of the oven:


Our table before the plates and food were introduced,


Our buffet-style spread,


Including the best cranberry sauce EVER, thanks to Andra.


I don’t have pictures of our pre-Thanksgiving dinner, Andra’s Chicken and Wild Rice Soup, which was spectacular and so easy, our pies, the bourbon whipped cream we put on top of our pies, or the turkey sandwiches the day after Thanksgiving.  While those would have been great photos, the one that got away is definitely the shot of our recycling bin after Andra and her family left.  THAT would have been prize-winning.

We used Bon Appétit’s Neo Traditionalist turkey recipe for the turkey and it was delicious, I would definitely do it again.  Andra made the pies with Bon Appétit recipes, Pumpkin with Maple and Chocolate Pecan.  While the pumpkin was delicious, that Chocolate Pecan was the star of the dessert table.  So good.

Expect amazing coverage of Christmas dinner.  Now back to our regular scheduled programming….


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