So you say it’s your birthday?


Our Thanksgiving was so much fun.  We spent four days with Catherine and her family and you know what they say about house guests after three days?  There are two possible reasons why we may have started to smell like fish.  1.  Our pet fish, Murphy, came with us.  2.  Catherine served shrimp on the third day.  My guess is that it was combination of both.   I don’t know that I can speak for Catherine and her family, but we had the most fun Thanksgiving break.  So did Murphy!


Over the last few years, we have made it a habit to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my sister and her family which usually means I am there for my birthday.  This puts added pressure on Catherine to prepare a birthday celebration while still trying to put away the Thanksgiving dishes.  Her solution was brilliant; don’t use dishes!   She made a Charleston style shrimp boil.  All of the ingredients were layered into a pot with Old Bay seasoning; potatoes, onions, sausage, corn, and the shrimp going in last.


Had we been in a balmier climate we might have sat outside where flying shrimp shells are not a big problem.  But New Jersey weather was bitter cold forcing us indoors into Catherine’s elegant dining room.  Never-mind, she  poured the whole pot onto her dining room table that had been covered in plastic and newspaper.  We didn’t use  plates or utensils.  All we needed was a roll of paper towels.  If you’re  a six-year-old boy,  you don’t even need paper towels; your napkin is built into your sleeve.   (So is your kleenex).


This was so much fun and so delicious!   I can’t wait to see what Catherine makes for me next year! -Andra

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