Christmas dinner…almost


It was just the four of us for Christmas this year.  We extended an invitation to both sets of grandparents but travel schedules and other social plans didn’t align.  So this Christmas had a whole different tempo.   We didn’t have a schedule.  For anything.  We woke up after the sun came up (the one and only rule of the day), opened presents, enjoyed cinnamon rolls, candy and hot chocolate all day.  We only took  a break to play with toys and video games.

I had big plans for our Christmas dinner that was supposed to be eaten in the dining room with the good china and a table cloth.  We were supposed to have roast ham, corn casserole, roasted vegetables, buttermilk biscuits and  bread pudding with bourbon sauce for dessert.   At some point during the day, I did manage to put the ham in the oven, make a corn casserole and a batch of buttermilk biscuits; but that was it.  Not only did I not set a table, roast vegetables or make bread pudding with bourbon sauce I actually forgot what time I put the ham in the oven.   It may have been in the oven somewhere between six and seven hours when it really only needed about five.  When we finally sat down to eat, the ham was falling off the bone and tasted like a pig roast.  It was cooked just the way I remember my mom making it who had learned the technique from my Great Uncle Paul.  This was lovingly known around our house as the “cook the shit out of it” technique.  It is the best way to cook a ham.   Great Uncle Paul was a true gentleman so I am sure that he didn’t come up with that name.  Mom and dad are too couth to use such coarse language.   I’m pretty sure it was Catherine that came up with that name.  (She has also said that if she were to get a boat, it would be called “Ship Faced”.)

We missed the company of our grandparents on Christmas morning, but still had a really fun day.  We all felt (and ate) like kids on Christmas morning.   We hope to have grandparents visit next Christmas.  Someone will need to make sure we don’t eat too much candy to spoil our dinner or play too many video games.


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