Spring Thanksgiving

Maybe because we’re so grateful that spring has finally arrived, we had a springtime version of Thanksgiving dinner last night.  I’ve been roasting chicken about once a week for years now, and although it’s always delicious, I decided to give my husband that “variety” he’s always asking for (I hope he’s talking about dinner).  Last night, I roasted a turkey breast, which is just as easy and might make the house smell even better than roast chicken.  Roast turkey breast requires less preparation than chicken, too.  I rinsed it, dried it with a paper towel, drizzled it with olive oil, salt and pepper and cooked it for two hours.  No tying legs together, stuffing or getting that gross bag out of the cavity.  I used a fresh turkey breast instead of frozen, but I’m sure frozen is just as good.


Inspired by the chive situation in our garden, I made the Creamy Chive Potatoes from the latest issue of Bon Appétit to go with it.  These are so good.  I can’t decide if they taste like a sophisticated showcase for the chives, or cafeteria potatoes that you’re a little embarrassed to love.  They’re creamy and starchy and fresh at the same time.

I also made a spinach salad with dried cranberries, walnuts and feta cheese and a basic red wine vinaigrette.


We loved it so much, we’re planning Christmas in May.

– Catherine

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