20 Days and a Wake Up

That’s how long we have left in our house before moving.  In the next 20 days, I need to get everything organized for the move (sorted, packed, donated) and figure out a way to use all of the stuff in our refrigerator, freezer, pantry and Stella with minimal waste.

Who’s Stella, you ask?

This is Stella.


Not sure why my parents named her that, but it’s funny to hear everyone in my family do their best Marlon Brando impression through the side of their mouth.  “Steeeeelllllllaaaa!!!”

When the moving company reps came to estimate how much stuff we have, I took them to the garage first.  Lose, break or ruin most of our things and we’ll get over it.  But Stella?  She needs to arrive intact.  I think the movers are actually bringing a piece of equipment to lift her.


IMG_3090 IMG_3077

To give credit where it’s due, my father found Stella at a garage sale.  We figured he deserved naming rights for what has become a member of the family.  My husband calls her a Weapon of Mass Condensation, because on hot days, she can get pretty sweaty.  That can make it hard to read which category you’re pulling your beer from:  the “Maintenance” beer for everyday, the “Family Hold Back” beer for special occasions and/or guests, or the “Swing” beer, which can fall into either category.  (The cans are for the beach, of course.)

My Dad always said that “10 Moves Equals a Fire”.  This will be our fifth move since getting married, but our first since Stella joined the family.  I’m a good sport about moving and try to put on a brave face when strangers are packing up my Great Aunt Josephine’s china and Grandpa Doug’s paintings.  But, watching Stella disappear into the back of a dark truck will be hard.  I just hope there are no bumps on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

– Catherine


  1. Good luck with the move!

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