About Us

We’re sisters and serious home cooks/food hobbyists.  We each have two young children, but we don’t really talk about them.  Instead, we talk recipes, ingredients, techniques and outcomes.  We buy organic when we can, local when it’s easy and will try anything once.  We’re believers in the long way if it’s worth it, a shortcut if no one will ever know and would never substitute butter with anything else.  Our Last Supper will tell you what we ate for dinner last night and packed up for lunch today and whether it was worth doing again.

Andra’s recipes have been featured on Food52, where they’ve won the weekly recipe contests and have been selected as Community Picks by Food52 members with highly-refined palates.  You can see all of her recipes featured on Food52 here.  Our Last Supper has also appeared in Bon Appétit’s Bloggers Cook BA column.

– Andra and Catherine


  1. Patty Crosby says:

    Dear Andra and Catherine,

    I am only barely literate with Facebook but amazingly enough I was able to get to your blog from Ashley’s message that showed up i my outlook. The recipes look great so I have printed the couscous stuffed peppers for starts–but Dave does most of the cooking around our house so how about you sign him up–he’ll read the recipes,too, if they show up in his in-box. He is Dave Crosby. His address is drcosby41@aol.com.

    Andra–hello to Tim. Here’s to cooking and good eating.


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