Off Duty.


At some point in the history of writing these posts about dinner, I mentioned that my husband was a hardbound encyclopedia set salesman.  I think I even went so far as to call him a “warrior of the static information age”.   I wrote that because I thought it sounded absurd enough to be obviously untrue.  But then, one of Andra’s relatives recalled with sweet nostalgia that someone in her family had at one time actually BEEN an encyclopedia salesman.  I mean, what are the chances that my sarcastic, obscure reference would actually have some basis in reality in one of our families?   I should have known that any attempt to be funny always results in proving what a jerk I am.

The truth is that my husband is not an encyclopedia set salesman.   He’s a dedicated public servant and for the last two years, he’s managed to nimbly weave a blanket of freedom at an extremely difficult loom and manage to make it look easy and be fun to hang out with.   (For more information on exactly what my husband does for a living, you can go to his blog,

Now, he’s done with the hard stuff (for at least a year) and we’ve moved to a new place, where we’ve been led to believe that family dinners will happen with much more regularity than they did in New Jersey.

And while the graduation from the previous job is exciting enough to make you double-clink your popsicle, there’s more.


We’re back to a gas stove and a full knife drawer.  And Stella made it safely.


So for the next year, while we live in rural Pennsylvania and see more of my husband than is normal, expect great things.*

– Catherine

* The term “great things” relates to dinner only.  And probably not with the frequency I should be cooking/taking photos/actually posting.  Any resemblance to Martha Stewart’s use of the term “Good Things” is purely coincidental.

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