A math problem?


The morning after our snow day we had a problem to solve.  We had baked too many pieces of prosciutto for our grilled panini the day before.  Not ones to waste food, we formulated a plan for how to use the rest of the prosciutto while we ate our panini.   Some might call planning a meal while you’re eating another “a problem”.

Our plan came together in the form of a McMuffin style sandwich with a little more panache than the type that comes in a paper wrapper.  We added a little sprinkling of Grana Padano cheese to the bottom of the English muffin as well as to the top of a fried egg to melt it just ever so slightly.  The egg was still a little runny and the prosciutto was crisp and savory.  You will be happy to know that all of the prosciutto equaled all of the eggs and English muffins leaving us with no leftovers.  How’s that for kitchen math?


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